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Personal Training:

As a Personal Trainer I will help you lose weight, strengthen your body, increase your endurance and speed. Whatever your goal is, together we can achieve it! Whether it is a series of one-to-one sessions or you bring a friend for support, our workouts will make you feel healthier, stronger, fitter and revitalised to deal with everyday life.

We will make the most of what Guernsey has to offer, as we train mainly outdoors. In doing so, we can utilise the training tools that the local landscape provides as well as some light free weights, Pezzi-ball, Thera-bands…. So each one hour session will be rich in variety. Does that sound good to you? Get in touch now!


Prices “one-on-one” sessions:

– Single session: £35 per hour
– 10 sessions: £310

Prices “bring a friend or partner” sessions:

– Single session: £55 per hour
– 10 sessions: £500

Any special requests? We will find a solution and I am happy to adapt to your needs.